Frequently Asked Questions


PNGARTS is the largest database collection of free to download transparent PNG images. All our content is created & uploaded by our users. Anyone is able to contribute to PNGARTS.

I Have A Question, How Can I Reach PNGARTS?

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

How Do I Upload To PNGARTS?

In the header bar you will find an upload button. Uploading is only available to members of PNGARTS. New accounts are not able to upload, but we unlock the uploading feature after a certain period of time. This delay is there to prevent misuse.

What Kind Of Content Can I Upload?

Please only upload images with transparent backgrounds. Images without transparent background will be automatically rejected. Make sure you do not upload any copyrighted content.

How Are Images Licensed?

All images on PNGARTS are user generated/uploaded. By default, images are only available for Personal Use. Commercial Use is not allowed. PREMIUM members can request Commercial Use rights from uploaders via the contact form. This is often granted but not guaranteed.

How Much Can I Download?

To download we require you to be logged into your account. We allow free members 2 downloads per day. If you download the same image multiple times, it only counts as 1 download. PREMIUM members have No Daily Download Limits, but if we detect bot-like download behaviour, we can temporarily apply download limits.

How Can I Remove An Image?

Please send us the link(s) to remove via our contact form. We will then quickly take action.

How Can I Change My Username?

To change your username, please contact us.

How Can I Delete My Account?

You can visit this page to delete your account.

I need refund?

Due to nature of the sale we do not provide refund. If you have any questions you can contact us before purchasing a PREMIUM plan.

Do you store my credit card information?

No credit card information is ever stored on our servers

How long will my account upgrade to VIP?

PNGARTS currently support PayPal as a payment method. Your account will be upgraded immediately when you choose the PREMIUM plan and pay via PayPal. Your account will automatically upgrade once we received the payment. If you are having issues after completing payment but your account is not activated you can contact us.

How can I change my subscription plan?

PNGARTS could not refund any price gaps between any PREMIUM plans. If you want to change plan, you need to pay for your favorite plan again. Every PREMIUM plan is unique and can not change, we understand some people want to use less money to get valuable plan for PREMIUM, our technical service cannot support this method.

Do I have to pay extra fees when I subscribe VIP plan?

No, you don’t. The price of each package is the fixed price so you do not have to pay extra fees. PNGARTS uses the trusted third party to charge your money. The third party also follows the privacy policy and it will not save any your personal information.

I recently purchased VIP plan but my plan is not activated yet?

Thank you for purchasing our PREMIUM plan, please log out your account from the current login session and then login again you will access your activated membership and is not visible at membership page section. If you have any questions or support please contact us.

As our user terms, please remember:

1. the subscription is for an individual use.
2. no robots allowed. So it means you can’t share accounts or use automated tools to download items.
3.We want to allow our users to download a high number of resources. However, to avoid an irresponsible use of our images, we have established this limit.

How can I cancel my recurring PayPal payment, subscription, or automatic billing agreement?
Here’s how:
  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Settings near the top of the page.
  • Click Payments.
  • Click Manage pre-approved payments.
  • Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.

Alternatively you can contact us to cancel your monthly PREMIUM plan.